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Table 1 Occupational disease list of the ILO during the industrial poisoning era

From: Historical review of the List of Occupational Diseases recommended by the International Labour organization (ILO)

ILO legislation R03, R04 (1919) C18 (1925) C42 (1934)
Chemical 1) Lead 2) Mercury 3) Phosphorous, 4) arsenic, 5) Benzene or its homologues, their nitro- and amino-derivatives, 6) halogen derivatives of hydrocarbons of the aliphatic series
Physical    1) Radium and other radioactive substances, 2) X-rays
Biological 1) Anthrax No change No change
Pulmonary    1) Silicosis with or without pulmonary tuberculosis, provided that silicosis is an essential factor in causing the resultant incapacity or death.
Cancer    1) Primary epitheliomatous cancer of the skin.
  1. ILO: International Labour Organization, R03: ILO recommendation No.3, R04: ILO recommendation No. 4, C18: ILO convention No. 18, C42: ILO convention No. 42.