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Table 2 New items on the occupational disease list in Convention No. 121

From: Historical review of the List of Occupational Diseases recommended by the International Labour organization (ILO)

ILO legislation C121 (1964, revised 1980)
Chemical ‘64 6) Beryllium, 7) Chromium, 8) Manganese, 9) Carbon disulfide
‘80 10) Toxic halogen derivatives of aliphatic or aromatic hydrocarbon, 11) Cadmium, 12) Arsenic, 13) Fluorine, 14) Nitroglycerin or other nitric acid esters, 15) Alcohols, glycols or ketones, 16) Asphyxiants: carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, or its toxic derivatives, hydrogen sulfide
Physical ‘64 1) Ionizing radiation
‘80 2) Hearing impairment caused by noise, 3) diseases caused by vibration, 4) diseases caused by work in compressed air
Biological ‘80 1) Infectious or parasitic diseases contracted in an occupation where there is a particular risk of contamination (health or laboratory work, veterinary work, animal handling work, other work with contamination risk)
Pulmonary ‘80 1) Pneumoconiosis caused by sclerogenic mineral dust (silicosis, anthracosilicosis, asbestosis) and silicotuberculosis, provided that silicosis is an essential factor in causing the resultant incapacity or death, 2) Bronchopulmonary diseases caused by hard-metal, 3) Bronchopulmonary diseases caused by cotton dust (byssinosis), or flax, hemp, or sisal dust, 4) Occupational asthma, 5) Extrinsic allergic alveolitis and its sequelae caused by the inhalation of organic dusts, as prescribed by national legislation
Skin ‘80 1) Skin diseases caused by physical, chemical, or biological agents
Cancer ‘80 2) Lung cancer or mesotheliomas caused by asbestos
  1. ILO: International Labour Organization, C121: ILO convention No. 121.