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Table 4 Unaccepted proposals during the tripartite meeting in 2005 and 2009

From: Historical review of the List of Occupational Diseases recommended by the International Labour organization (ILO)

  R194 (2002, revised 2010)
Chemical Government Add acids, aldehydes, organochlorinated or organophosphorous pesticides
Employer 1. Delete oxides of nitrogen, pharmaceutical agents, osmium, selenium, copper, tin, zinc, and ozone
2. Delete “ diseases caused by any other chemical agents not mentioned”
Worker Add “disease to endocrine system due to chemical agents”
Physical ILO Add “disease due to radiofrequency radiation”
Employer 1. Delete ultra-violet radiation
2. Delete “Diseases caused by any other physical agents not mentioned”
Worker Add “disease caused by electromagnetic radiation”
Biological Government Add “disease caused by enzymes”
Worker Add “intoxications where a direct link between the exposure of a worker to biological agents and the diseases is established”
Pulmonary Government Delete “chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases”
Employer 1. Delete “chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases”
2. Delete “any other respiratory disease not mentioned”
Worker 1. Add “any other respiratory diseases caused by asbestos not covered in the preceding item”
2. Add “bronchopulmonary diseases caused by synthetic or man-made fibers”
Skin Government Add “dermatoses of allergic origin”, and mycosis
Cancer ILO Add “cancer caused by formaldehyde” and “cancer caused by silica”
Government Delete “dust from wood”
Employer 1. Insert specific cancer name for every carcinogen
2. Delete “cancer caused by any other agents not mentioned”
Worker Add “Silica, crystalline in the form of quartz or cristobalite”
MSD Worker 1. Add “any other musculoskeletal disorders not mentioned in 2.3.1 due to occupational psychological factors including mental fatigue”
2. Add “central nervous system disorders of occupational origin”
Mental and behavioral ILO Add “psychosomatic psychiatric syndromes caused by mobbing”
Worker 1. Add “disabling occupational neuroses”, 2. add “professional laryngitis with aphonia”, 3. add “diseases of a physical or psychological nature related to violence arising out of or in the course of employment”
  1. ILO: International Labour Organization, MSD: musculoskeletal disorder.