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Table 5 Structure of the lists of occupational diseases in ILO member states

From: Historical review of the List of Occupational Diseases recommended by the International Labour organization (ILO)

  Categories(number of countries) Asia-Pacific(number of items) Africa (number of items) Europe (number of items) Americas (number of items)
Causes Chemicals (30) China(56), Hong Kong(22), Japan(*), Malaysia(10), Saudi Arabia(40), Taiwan(45), Vietnam(8) Algeria(56), Angola(31) Belgium(15), Bulgaria(57), Czech(55), Denmark(29), Finland(36), German(31), Hungary(56), Ireland(30), Luxemburg(27), Russia(38), Portugal(31), Spain(45), Swiss(61), Turkey(65), UK(32) Chile(18), Costa Rica(36), El Salvador(32), Mexico(36), Nicaragua(45)
  Physical agents (22) China(5), Hong Kong(9), Japan(13), Saudi Arabia(7), Vietnam(4) Algeria(12), Angola(11) Belgium(17), Bulgaria(12), Czech(12), Finland(6), German(15), Hungary(8), Ireland(15), Portugal(11), Rumania(11), Russia(12), Spain(12), Turkey(14), UK(14) Chile(5), Nicaragua(12), El Salvador(9), Mexico(11)
  Biomechanical Japan(5)   Bulgaria(3), Finland(3),  
  Biological (28)     
Job categories (8) Japan(5)   Czech(3), Denmark(3), Finland(3), German(4), Russia(3) Spain(4), Nicaragua(4)
  Pathogens(19) China (3), Vietnam(3), Malaysia(7), Hong Kong(12), Saudi Arabia(17), Taiwan(9), Vietnam(3) Angola(42) Rumania(6), Belgium(28), Bulgaria(32), Hungary(18), Ireland(10), Portugal(4), Turkey(30), UK(15) Chile(10), El Salvador(13), Mexico(21)
  Possible agents (3)    Rumania(19) Spain(40) Nicaragua(40)
Diseases Respiratory (20) Malaysia(9), Saudi Arabia(20) Taiwan(6), Vietnam(4) Angola(5) Belgium(29), Czech(11), German(16), Portugal(5), Rumania(25), UK(13), Denmark(13) Colombia, Costa Rica(17), El Salvador(17), Mexico(17)
  Pneumoconiosis (6) China (13), Japan(5)   Ireland(1), Mexico(30) Costa Rica(3), El Salvador(22)
  Skin (19) China(8), Malaysia(11), Saudi Arabia(6), Taiwan(2), Vietnam(2) Angola(21) Belgium(9), Czech(1), Denmark(2), German(2), Portugal(22), Rumania(7), Spain(4), Turkey(2) Costa Rica(31), El Salvador(16), Nicaragua(4), Mexico(18)
  Allergic (3)   Angola(15) Portugal(6), Russia(16)  
  Musculoskeletal (3) Saudi Arabia(7)   Rumania(12) Denmark(20)  
  Industrial fatigue(2)     El Salvador(3), Mexico(6)
  Cancer (13) China(8), Japan(18), Saudi Arabia(18), Taiwan(18) Angola (10) Portugal(10), Russia(7), Rumania(18+IARC), Spain(28) Denmark(23) El Salvador(3), Mexico(4), Nicaragua(28)
  1. *: specific number is not available.