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Table 1 Details of the 12 hospitalized patients

From: Acute Symptoms after a Community Hydrogen Fluoride Spill

Age Gender Department Date of admission Date of discharge Chief complaints Diagnosis Exposure characteristics Clinical findings
30 M IP 9/28 9/29 Dyspnea Gas inhalation Worker No abnormal findings
51 F IP 10/3 10/10 Hemoptysis Bronchitis Adjacent resident Bronchoscopy ; hyperemic, both bronchi edematous
52 M IP 10/3 10/8 Blood-tinged sputum Bronchitis Governmental officials Bronchoscopy ; both bronchi hyperemic
44 F IP 10/9 10/12 Dyspnea Gas inhalation Worker No abnormal findings
52 F IP 10/16 10/25 Dyspnea Toxic effect of HF* Adjacent resident Anxiety
38 M IP 10/24 10/26 Hemoptysis Bronchitis Worker Bronchoscopy ; both bronchi hyperemic
44 F IG 10/6 10/10 Nausea Gastric ulcer Adjacent resident GIF++; gastric ulcer
68 F IG 10/9 10/12 Nausea Gas inhalation Adjacent resident GIF; chronic atropic gastritis
25 F ENT§ 10/6 10/11 Sore throat Acute pharyngotonsillitis Worker Pharyngeal injection
57 F NR 10/4 10/8 Numbness Numbness Other resident (Intake of contaminated crops) No abnormal findings
79 F NR 10/9 10/12 Headache Chronic tension headache Adjacent resident No abnormal findings
71 F PS** 10/8 10/8 Lip pain Chemical burn on lower lip Other Resident (intake of contaminated crops) Swelling, erythema on lower lip
  1. *Hydrogen fluoride, Internal medicine, pulmonology, Internal medicine, gastroenterology, §ENT; Otorhinolaryngology, Neurology, **Plastric surgery, ++Gastro-intestinal fiberscopy.