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Table 1 Operating conditions for the HPLC and ICP-DRC-MS

From: Assessment of Arsenic Exposure by Measurement of Urinary Speciated Inorganic Arsenic Metabolites in Workers in a Semiconductor Manufacturing Plant

High-performance liquid chromatography
Solvent A 6 mM Ammonium cabonate
Solvent 20 mM Ammonium phosphate, monobasic
Flow Rate 1.2 mL/min
Column Anion Exchange, Hamilton PRP-X100, 4.6 mm I.d. × 150 mm, 5 μm
Guard column 2.3 × 30 mm PRP-X100TM
Autosampler flush solvent 5% Methanol
Sample injection volume 50 μL
Inductively coupled plasma- dynamic Reaction Cell- mass
spectrometry (ICP-DRC-MS)
RF Power 1400 W
Monitored Ion m/z 91 (75As16O) for DRC
Detector mode Dual
Measurement uints Cps
Autolens On
Sample units μg/L
Dwell time 250 ms
Cell gas High purity O2 Gas
Cell gas flow rate 0.50 mL/min
RPQ 0.45