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Table 1 Papers about multiple chemical sensitivity in Korea

From: Multiple chemical sensitivity caused by exposure to ignition coal fumes: a case report

Reference Year Form of publication Study subjects Diagnostic criteria
Kim EJ [11]. 2004 Master’s thesis Construction workers Symptom self-report
Sung KC [12]. 2005 Master’s thesis Office workers Symptom self-report
Jeon BH et al [13]. 2012 Poster presentation Community-based sample survey Korean version of QEESI*
Jeon BH et al [14]. 2012 Poster presentation Hebei Spirit oil spill clean-up workers Korean version of QEESI*
Lee DH et al [15]. 2008 Case presentation Chemical analysis department workers Doctor-diagnosed MCS
  1. *QEESI, Quick Environmental Exposure and Sensitivity Inventory.
  2. MCS, multiple chemical sensitivity.