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Table 4 Comparison of geometric means of the AST, ALT, and GGT unit: IU/L

From: The Relationship of Liver Function Tests to Mixed Exposure to Lead and Organic Solvents

  Control (n=125) Solvent-exposed Lead-exposed (n=257) Mixed exposure (n=45) p-value
TCE §co-exposed (n=82) TCE non-exposed (n=84)
No adjustment
  AST* 21.9±1.3a 22.6±1.4a 23.2±1.3a 23.4±1.4a 26.9±1.3b 0.005¡«
  ALT 23.4±1.5a 22.7±1.6a 23.2±1.6a 24.5±1.6a 29.5±1.6b 0.028¡«
  GGT 33.9±1.9a,b 30.0±1.7a 33.2±1.8a,b 38.9±2.0b 39.8±1.5b 0.009¡«
After adjustment
  AST 22.6±1.0a 22.8±1.0a 23.8±1.0a 23.5±1.0a 28.9±1.0b <0.000
  ALT 23.6±1.0a 24.3±1.1a,b 23.6±1.1a 24.0±1.0a 30.0±1.1b 0.032
  GGT 34.6±2.0a,b 30.0±1.7a 33.2±1.8a,b 39.1±2.0a,b 39.9±1.6b 0.021
  1. *Aspartate aminotransferase, Alanine aminotransferase, Gamma glutamyl transferase, §Trichloroethylene.
  2. p-values were tested by one-way ANOVA. and the post-hoc test was based on Duncan's method.
  3. p-values were tested by general linear model adjusted for age, body mass index, work duration, smoking, and alcohol intake by general linear model. The post-hoc test was based on Bonferroni's method.
  4. a,bThe same letters indicate a non-significant difference between groups.