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Figure 3

From: A Case of Complicated Silicosis with a Complex Clinical Course in a Glass Manufacturing Worker

Figure 3

Bronchoscopy. Fibrosing stenosis at the apical, posterior, anterior segmental branch of the right upper lobe, lateral segmental branch of the right middle lobe, and apicoposterior segmental branch of the left upper lobe. Abbreviations. MC: main carina, LMB: left main bronchus, RMB: right main bronchus, LUL: left upper lobe, LLL: left lower lobe, RUL: right upper lobe, RML: right middle lobe, RLL: right lower lobe, RBI: right bronchus intermedius, Lat: lateral segmental branch, B1: apical, B2: posterior, B3 anterior, UDB: upper division bronchus (apicoposterior + anterior), LDB: lower division bronchus (lingular).

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