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Table 1 Search terms for systematic reviews regarding the clinimetric quality of assessments methods for workload due to lifting

From: An Evidence-Based Multidisciplinary Practice Guideline to Reduce the Workload due to Lifting for Preventing Work-Related Low Back Pain

Key term Search terms
Systematic review (meta-analysis/or or meta-analysis.ti,ab. or or review.ti,ab.) not ((letter or editorial or comment).pt. not (animals/not humans/))
Clinimetric quality assessment methods (responsiveness$ or reliability or validity).ti,ab. or “Sensitivity and Specificity”/or “Reproducibility of Results”/or reproducibility.ti,ab. or agreement.ti,ab. or psychometric$.ti,ab. or (gold adj standard).ti,ab. or (content adj validity).ti,ab. or (minimal adj clinical adj difference).ti,ab. or (clinical adj change).ti,ab. or (important adj change).ti,ab. or (important adj difference).ti,ab.
Lifting, work load ((lift$ or (manual adj material adj handl$) or (handling adj load$) or (handling adj1 patient$) or (exposure adj measurement$) or (physical adj work adj load) or (physical adj work) or (physical adj workload) or (physical adj work adj demand$) or (biomechanical adj exposure$) or (mechanical adj exposure$) or (mechanical adj demand$)) not (face adj lift$)).ti,ab.