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Table 2 Search terms for review and primary studies on the effectiveness of interventions to reduce the low back load due to lifting at the work

From: An Evidence-Based Multidisciplinary Practice Guideline to Reduce the Workload due to Lifting for Preventing Work-Related Low Back Pain

Key term Search terms
Intervention, work ((train$ or advi$ or educa$ or inform$ or guid$ or promot$) adj3 lift$).ti,ab OR ((lift$ adj3 policy) or zero-lift$ or no-lift$).ti,ab OR ((lift$ or material handling or (patient$ adj (transfer or lift or handling))) adj3 (aid$ or device$ or equipment or system$)).ti,ab OR (hoist$ or winch or ((table or platform or drum) adj3 lift$) or trolle$ or “fork-lift truck” or (yoke adj5 lift$) or exo-skeleton).ti,ab OR ((sling adj3 (lift$ or transfer$ or handl$)) or (glid$ adj3 sheet$) or ((back or lift$) adj3 belt$)).ti,ab OR ((workplace or ergonom$) adj3 (accommodation$ or change$ or improve$ or intervention$)).ti,ab
Low back (back or trunk or body).mp