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Table 2 Chronicle of massive workers’ compensation claims for musculoskeletal disorders during 2002–2004 in Korea[25]

From: Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders in Korea Provoked by Workers’ Collective Compensation Claims against Work Intensification

Year Month Company name Approval
2000 Oct Hyundai precision 50
2002 Mar Daewoo shipbuilding 76
  Jul Casco et al. in Kyung-nam area 32
  Jul Hallaviston climate control 11
  Aug VDO, Kamko et al. in Daejeon and Chung-buk area 10
  Sep Hallaviston climate control 5
  Nov Daewoo automobile 26
2003 Jan Samho heavy industry 33
  Jan Doowon precision 20
  Jan Korea piston ring 7
  Mar Daewoo heavy industry and Machinary 27
  Mar Open SE, Pulmuone 26
  Apr Hyundai automobile 32
  May INI steel 29
  May Samho shipbuilding 89
  Jun 14 companies in Chung-nam area 94
  Jul 9 companies in Pohang area 46
  Jul Ssangyongautomobil 109
  Aug 5 companies in Chung-nam area 49
2004 Feb Dimos 6
  Jun Kyungpook university hospital 32
  Oct Rotem 32