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Table 3 Multiple logistic regression analysis of the dry eye examination results using data from each examination collected in 2013

From: Prevalence of Dry Eye Syndrome after a Three-Year Exposure to a Clean Room

   Years worked in the clean room  
   OR 95% CI
TFBUT Normal vs. Abnormal 0.947 0.851-1.055
Schirmer’s test I (with anesthetic) Normal vs, Abnormal 1.000 0.900-1.112
McMonnies questionnaire Normal vs. Abnormal 1.130* 1.012-1.262
Dry eye grade Normal vs. Abnormal 0.993 0.875-1.128
  1. *p-value <0.05. All models were adjusted for age, sex, smoking status, alcohol consumption and working hours per week. OR, odds ratio; CI, confidence intervals; TFBUT, tear film break-up test.