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Table 2 Mean score of KOSS-SFa and corresponding quartile for referent quartiles of KOSS-SF

From: Anxiety symptoms and occupational stress among young Korean female manufacturing workers

KOSS-SFa Mean(SD) Referenceb Corresponding quartilec
Job demand 52.0(19.3) 58.4 2nd quartile
Insufficient job control 65.6(18.8) 58.4 3rd quartile
Interpersonal conflict 41.6(18.5) 33.4 3rd quartile
Job insecurity 30.2(22.0) 33.4 2nd quartile
Organizational system 49.8(17.4) 50.1 2nd quartile
Lack of reward 54.6(20.0) 55.6 2nd quartile
Occupational climate 38.4(19.1) 41.7 2nd quartile
Total score of KOSS-SF 48.8(11.2) 50.1 2nd quartile
  1. aKorean Occupational Stress Scale-Short Form
  2. bMean score of KOSS-SF for sampled 2633 Korean female workers [24]
  3. cClaassification by referent quartiles of KOSS-SF for Korean female workers