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Table 14 The Classification of industry and job and exposed carcinogens in compensated asbestos-related lung cancers in Korea (1994-2011)

From: Review of carcinogenicity of asbestos and proposal of approval standards of an occupational cancer caused by asbestos in Korea

Industry classification (No of cases) Industry classification Job classification (No of cases) No of cases Main carcinogen Minor carcinogen
Mining and quarrying (1) Mining of non-ferrous (tungsten) metals Repairer & welder 1 Asbestos Welding fume
Manufacturing (70) Bean curd and similar products Boiler operators 1 Asbestos PAHb
Spinning (or weaving) of other textile fibers (asbestos) Maintenance & repairer (4) 10 Asbestos  
Spinning (or weaving) worker (6)
Other printing Paper arrangement worker 1 Asbestos  
Petroleum refineries Machinery equipment fitters and repairers 2 Asbestos  
Synthetic fibers Spinning (or weaving) (1) 2 Asbestos PAHb (1)
Boiler operator (1)
Pottery and ceramic household or ornamental ware Pottery making (burning) 1 Silica Asbestos
Asbestos, mineral wools and other similar products Gasket & sheet manufacture (mixing) (1) 8 Asbestos  
Construction material manufacturers (slate, heat insulator, et al) (6)
Machinery equipment fitters and repairers (1)
Basic iron Metal furnace operators 1 Asbestos  
Basic steel Electrical furnace operator(1) 4 Cr6+ Asbestos
Rolling mii operator (1) Asbestos Cr6+,Nickel
Crane operator(1) Cr6+ Asbestos, Nickel
Machinery equipment fitters and repairers (welding)(1) Asbestos
Rolled, drawn and folded products of aluminum Machinery equipment fitters and repairers (plumber) 1 Asbestos  
Gray and malleable iron foundries / Steel foundries Foundry workers: melting, molding, core making, fettling 1 Silica asbestos
Metal structural components Welding 4 Asbestos, Cr6+ Welding fume
Central heating boilers and radiators Boiler maker 1 Asbestos Silica, F, Metal
Weapons and ammunition Plumbing & welding 1 Asbestos Welding fume
Heat treatment of metals Heat treatment & welding 1 PAHb Cr6+, Asbestos, FA
General hardware Die and mold makers 1 Asbestos  
Hand-operated kitchen appliances and metal ware Fitting & welding 1 Asbestos Welding fume
Air conditioning and control machines Machine manufacturer 1 Asbestos  
Motor vehicles Automobile parts (brake lining) assemblers 3 Asbestos(3)  
Motor vehicles for the transport of goods and special purpose Building and machine repairers 1 Asbestos  
Other parts and accessories for motor vehicles n. e. c. Automobile parts (brake lining or gasket) manufacturer (5) 6 Asbestos (6) F
Foundry works (1) Silica
Building of steel ships Welding (7) 13 Asbestos(7), Coaltar(1) Welding fume(6), Cr6+,Asbestos(1)
Painting (1) Asbestos (1)
Plumbing (1) Asbestos(1)
Insulation (1) Asbestos(1)
Electrical equipment engineers (1) Asbestos(2)
Ship mechanics (2) Silica(1), Cr6+&PAHb
Sections for ships Ship assemblers 4 Asbestos  
Ship engineers and repairers Asbestos, Cr6+
Upholstered seats for transport vehicles Drying oven fitters 1 Asbestos  
Sewage, waste management, materials recovery and remediation activities (1) Construction and demolition waste collection Waste collection and transportation 1 DEEa Asbestos
construction(31) Construction of highways, streets and roads Road repairers (1) 5 Asbestos(1)  
Installation of environmental hygiene treatment appliances Construction waste transport workers 1 Asbestos DEEa
Construction of industrial plants Welding(5) 13 Welding fume (4), Asbestos (1) Asbestos(4), Welding fume(1)
Insulation (5) Asbestos(5)
Pipe making (2) Asbestos(2)
Wrecking and demolition of buildings and other structures (ships) Ship repairers and wreckers 1 Asbestos  
Scaffolding and frame works Scaffolders (3) 3 Asbestos (3)  
Heating, air conditioning and plumbing related works Insulation (4) 7 Asbestos (4) Welding fume(1)
Boiler fitters and mechanics (1) Asbestos (1)
Welding (2) Asbestos(1), Welding fume(1) Asbestos(1)
Other building completion n.e.c. Wrecking & interior 1 Asbestos Welding fume
Transportation (23) Interurban rail transportation Railway signalmen and repairers 1 Asbestos Radon
Commuter rail systems Electric train drivers (3) 16 Asbestos(3) Radon(3)
Electric train attendants (6)   Asbestos(6) Radon(6)
Repairers and maintenance (7) Asbestos(7) Welding fume & Radon & DEEa (4)
Radon&DEEa (1)
Radon(1), Welding fume(1)
Urban bus passenger transport Bus driver & repairer (2) 6 DEEa (1), Asbestos(1) Asbestos(1),DEEa (1)
Bus repairer & maintenance (4) Asbestos(3), DEEa (1) DEEa (1), Asbestos(1)
  1. aDEE is the abbreviation of diesel engine exhaust; bPAH is polyaromatic hydrocarbons