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Table 6 Approval standards of asbestos-related diseases in Germany [34]

From: Review of carcinogenicity of asbestos and proposal of approval standards of an occupational cancer caused by asbestos in Korea

  Medical diagnosis standards Asbestos dust exposure standards Latent duration
Asbestosis Lung fibrosis validated with X-ray (ILO standards) or CT/HRCT Several years At least 10 years
Malignant mesothelioma Proven diagnosis (histopathology and radiography, CT is preferred) Even low level exposure is recognized At least 10 years, in general
Lung cancer Asbestosis-related lung cancer (even histologically mild asbestosis is sufficient) Exposed to 25 fibers/ml-year At least 10 years
Major changes in the pleura due to asbestos
Pleural plaque Diagnosis with radiography, CT or histopathology Even low level exposure is recognized -