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Table 1 Notation

From: A review on mathematical models for estimating indoor radon concentrations

Symbol Unit Description
C bm Bq/m3 Radon concentration in building material (BM)
C i Bq/m3 Indoor radon concentration
C o Bq/m3 Radon concentration of outdoor air
C s Bq/m3 Radon concentration in soil
C w Bq/m3 Radon concentration in water supply
F s Bq/(m2 · s) Total radon flux from soil into building
k a m/(s · Pa) Advection transfer coefficient of soil
k d,bm m/s Diffusion transfer coefficient of BM
k d,s m/s Diffusion transfer coefficient of soil
q ij m3/s Air current from compartment i to compartment j
S bm m2 Indoor surface area of radon containing BM
S g m2 Building area towards ground
t w dimensionless Radon transfer efficiency of water supply
U w m3/s Use rate of water
V m3 Volume of the indoor
ΔP s − i Pa Soil-indoor pressure difference
λ 1/s Radon decay constant
λ v 1/s Ventilation rate