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Table 1 The results of the diagnostic tests

From: Laboratory-acquired dengue virus infection by needlestick injury: a case report, South Korea, 2014

Tests (Day 17)a Result
DENV Detect™ IgM Capture ELISAb +(ISR 6.5)
Panbio® Dengue IgM Capture ELISAc +(Panbio Units 95.7)
  1. aTests were performed using blood samples collected on the sixth day of hospitalization, which was the seventeenth day after the needlestick injury (Day 0)
  2. bInBios International, Inc., USA. Immune status ratio (ISR) values ≥2.84 are considered positive
  3. cPanbio Diagnostics, Australia. Panbio Unit values >11.0 are considered positive