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Table 5 Ranking of the top 10 cited articles in Scopus in the field of pharmaceutical wastewater research

From: Contribution of Arab countries to pharmaceutical wastewater literature: a bibliometric and comparative analysis of research output

SCRa Name of Author and Year of Publication Title Type of Document Journal Name Times Cited
1st Lavollay et al., 2006 [36] Clonal dissemination of a CTX-M-15 β-lactamase-producing Eschenchia coli strain in the Paris Area, Tunis, and Bangui Article Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 96
2nd Abed et al., 2009 [37] Applications of cyanobacteria in biotechnology Review Journal of Applied Microbiology 81
3rd Badawy et al., 2009 [38] Fenton-biological treatment processes for the removal of some pharmaceuticals from industrial wastewater Article Journal of Hazardous Materials 59
4th Abdel-El-Haleem, 2003 [39] Acinetobacter: Environmental and biotechnological applications Short Survey African Journal of Biotechnology 57
4th Belabbes et al., 1985 [40] Epidemic non-A, non-B viral hepatitis in Algeria: Strong evidence for its spreading by water Article Journal of Medical Virology 57
6th Le Roux et al., 2011 [41] Chloramination of nitrogenous contaminants (pharmaceuticals and pesticides): NDMA and halogenated DBPs formation Article Water Research 52
7th Yangali-Quintanilla et al., 2010 [42] Proposing nanofiltration as acceptable barrier for organic contaminants in water reuse Article Journal of Membrane Science 45
8th Basheer et al., 2010 [43] Simultaneous extraction of acidic and basic drugs at neutral sample pH: A novel electro-mediated microextraction approach Article Journal of Chromatography A 41
8th Chafik et al., 2001 [44] Quality of Moroccan Atlantic coastal waters: Water monitoring and mussel watching Article Aquatic Living Resources 41
10th Ghauch et al., 2012 [45] Ibuprofen removal by heated persulfate in aqueous solution: A kinetics study Article Chemical Engineering Journal 38
10th Reemtsma, 2001 [46] The use of liquid chromatography-atmospheric pressure ionization-mass spectrometry in water analysis - Part I: Achievements Article TrAC - Trends in Analytical Chemistry 38
  1. Abbreviation: SCR Standard Competition Ranking
  2. aEqual articles have the same ranking number, and then a gap is left in the ranking numbers