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Table 6 Workplace harassment questionnaire for Korean office and finance service workers

From: Reliability and validity of the workplace harassment questionnaire for Korean finance and service workers

How often did you experience the following situations at your workplace over the past year? Never Less than once a month About once a month About once a week Almost everyday
(Q01) I was humiliated or yelled at in front of others.
(Q02) I was insulted with demeaning expressions regarding my appearance or behavioral characteristics.
(Q03) I was offended with swearing or sarcastic verbal abuse.
(Q04) I was threatened that I would be discharged or have a disadvantage for promotion if I did not obey orders.
(Q05) I was not invited for or treated as if I did not exist at meetings or social gatherings with colleagues.
(Q06) Someone talked behind my back or spread negative rumors about me.
(Q07) I was ordered to work on tasks that were not related to my qualification, skills, or experience.
(Q08) My work was replaced by menial tasks or I was rarely assigned jobs.
(Q09) I was not informed about important messages related to work or I was not provided with necessary equipment.
(Q10) I was forced to apologize or write apology letters for mistakes in my work or other happenings beyond my control.
(Q11) Stressful tasks or others’ work were assigned to me.
(Q12) I was assigned with work that could not be completed or had close deadlines (including work assigned just before leaving work).
(Q13) I was forced to participate in meetings, events, and trainings regardless of my intention.
(Q14) I was picked on or got involved in arguments for small things.
(Q15) My work was monitored excessively.
(Q16) I was asked or it was checked in detail what I did outside of my working hours (including checking the CCTV and in-house bulletin board, and tailing).
(Q17) I was monitored and controlled for my appearance and the clothes that I wear.
(Q18) I experienced physical violence or threats (including threats imposed by throwing things).
(Q19) I was physically punished (including squat walk).
(Q20) I was sexually humiliated with words or actions.