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Table 4 Work schedule and levels of inflammatory markers

From: Night shift work and inflammatory markers in male workers aged 20–39 in a display manufacturing company

Work schedule group hs-CRP (mg/L) Leukocyte count (cells/μL)
Adjusted M ± SD p-value* Adjusted M ± SD p-value*
Daytime 0.59a ± 0.06   5557a,b ± 124  
Former shift 0.80 ± 0.08 0.002 6264a ± 173 <0.001
Current shift 0.92a ± 0.07   6498b ± 144
  1. compared using analysis of covariance, M mean, SD standard deviation
  2. *adjusted for age, BMI, waist circumference, alcohol consumption, smoking, regular exercise, sleep duration, sleep debt, sleep insufficiency, education, and weekly work hours
  3. a,bsame letters indicate statistical significance based on Bonferroni’s multiple comparison