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Table 5 The β coefficient (95% CI) of per doubling of blood cadmium for systolic and diastolic blood pressure according to age stratification after covariates adjustment

From: The association between cadmium and lead exposure and blood pressure among workers of a smelting industry: a cross-sectional study

Age Systolic blood pressure Diastolic blood pressure
< 40 0.623 (−1.252–2.498) 1.429 (− 0.187–3.045)
≥ 40 3.336 (0.572–6.099)* 1.550 (− 0.512–3.612)
  1. The values were adjusted for BMI, fasting blood glucose, dyslipidemia, high risk alcohol drinking habit, smoking status, adequate exercise, family history of hypertension, and per doubling of blood lead. p - value was calculated by multiple linear regression analysis. *p < 0.05. Those who were taking antihypertensive drugs were excluded