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Table 3 The epidemiologic investigation for the work-relatedness by KOSHA and Occupational Lung Diseases Institute from 2000 to 2012

From: Overview of occupational cancer in painters in Korea

Deliberate organization Diagnosis year age/sex Industry Painting work duration (year) Incubation period(year) Exposed carcinogen Approval Specific remarks
KOSHA 2000 53/F Shipbuilding 14 14 Coal tar (exposed to PAH) yes PAH exposure confirmed
KOSHA 2000 46/M Vehicle manufacture 12 12 Not confirmed no 5 years of printing history before painting
KOSHA 2001 39/M Shipbuilding 7 14 PAH, silica yes 7 years of grinding after painting in shipbuilding industry
KOSHA 2001 56/M Home appliance painting 22 22 Not confirmed no Hexavalent chrome etc. not confirmed in the paint
KOSHA 2004 45/M Vehicle manufacture 19 19 Not confirmed no  
KOSHA 2006 45/M Auto mechanics 26 26 Hexavalent chrome yes Hexavalent chrome confirmed in the paint
OLDI 2010 54/M Shipbuilding, heavy industry 21 21 crystal quartz yes crystal quartz 1.3%-36.9% included in the paint
OLDI 2010 45/M Vehicle manufacture 15 15 Hexavalent chrome yes Bumper polishing,painting: Hexavalent chrome 118.33μg/m3
OLDI 2011 63/M Metal manufacture 10 10 Zinc chromate yes Possibly asbestos included in the filler, Possibility of silica, hexavalent chrome exposure
OLDI 2012 57/M Boiler manufacture 26 26 Not confirmed yes Possibility of welding fume asbestos co-exposure
  1. KOSHA Korean Occupational Safety and Health Agency
  2. OLDI Occupational Lung Diseases Institute