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Table 3 Odds ratios (OR) and 95% confidence intervals (CI) of public transportation modes of high urinary cotinine concentration (≥3.14 μg/g creatinine) compared to low urinary cotinine concentration

From: Female non-smokers’ environmental tobacco smoking exposure by public transportation mode

Category OR(95% CI)
Model 1a  
  Subway Reference
  Bus 1.30(0.87–1.95)
  Taxi 2.39(1.00–5.69)
Model 2b  
  Subway Reference
  Bus 1.21(0.80–1.84)
  Taxi 2.42(0.97–6.04)
  1. aModel 1: Adjusted with involuntary smoking frequency bModel 2: Adjusted with involuntary smoking frequency, alcohol, age, body mass index, education, exercise, household income, job classification, marital status, region, using frequency of public transportation