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Table 1 Question items based on the roles of health officers defined by the Industrial Safety and Health Law

From: Differences in the performance of health officers at the workplace according to their qualifications

Abbreviation Questiona
Occupational health and safety committee Establishment and management of occupational health and safety committee
Safety and health actions on machinery and equipment Matters concerning safety and health actions when harmful or dangerous machinery and equipment and other facilities are introduced
Advice and guidance on protectors Assistance to, and advice and guidance on selection of appropriate products in purchasing protectors
Management of chemical substances Management of chemical substances and products containing a chemical substance
Detecting harmful or dangerous factors Detect harmful or dangerous factors caused by those resulting from specific work behaviors or duties, and determine the degree of danger
Preventing any danger or health impairment Actions for preventing any danger to or health impairment of employees
Appropriate measures for the workers’ health Taking appropriate measures for the workers’ health following the results, including work arrangements, work conversions, and reduction of working hours
Investigating and preventing worker’s medical problem Investigation into the cause of workers’ medical problems and medical treatment to prevent recurrence
Health education Assistance to, and advice and guidance on the formulation of plans on health education and the conduct thereof at the place of business concerned
Treatment of minor injuries Treatment of frequently occurring minor injuries, such as external wounds
Emergency treatment Emergency treatment
Preventing injuries or diseases from worsening Treatment to prevent injuries or diseases from worsening
Management of workers after a medical checkup Recuperation guidance and management for those who are found to have health trouble after a medical checkup
Management of ventilators and local air exhausters Assistance to and advice on the inspection of facilities, such as general ventilators and local air exhausters, etc., and the technical improvement of working method
Routine inspections of workplace Routine inspections of the place of business concerned, guidance and recommendation of safety measures
Investigating and preventing industrial accidents Investigation into and analysis of the cause of industrial accidents and provision of technical assistance to and advice and guidance on prevention of the reoccurrence
Analysis of industrial accidents Assistance to, and advice and guidance on the maintenance, management and analysis of statistics on industrial accidents
  1. aThe question was “As a health officer, how much do you contribute to the following items? Please indicate your contribution to the role on a scale of 0 to 10”