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Table 2 Odds ratios (95% CI) for the prevalence of hypertension according to the interaction of serum ferritin and working type

From: Association between serum ferritin and hypertension according to the working type in Korean men: the fifth Korean National Health and nutrition examination survey 2010–2012


Odds ratio (95% confidence intervals)a

Quartile 1 (≤ 66.82)

Quartile 4 (> 149.13)

Daytime workers

1.000 (ref.)

1.426 (1.066–1.906)

Shift workers

1.035 (0.680–1.576)

1.696 (1.083–2.658)

  1. FBS fasting blood sugar, TC total cholesterol, TIBC total iron-binding capacity, BMI body mass index
  2. aLogistic regression analysis after adjusting for age, FBS, TC, TIBC, BMI, alcohol intake and smoking status