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Table 5 Logistic regression analysis for work-related LBP and 2 Ergonomic risk-factors (‘Fatigue-inducing or painful posture’ and ‘Repetitive hand or arm movements’)

From: Relationship between simultaneous exposure to ergonomic risk factors and work-related lower back pain: a cross-sectional study based on the fourth Korean working conditions survey

  Work-related LBP
Ergonomic risk exposure Crude Adjusteda
Little exposure to both ‘fatigue-inducing or painful posture’ and ‘repetitive hand and arm movements’ (n = 16,713) Reference Reference
Usually exposed to ‘fatigue-inducing or painful posture’ (n = 2632) 2.93 (2.63–3.26)* 2.31 (2.06–2.60)*
Usually exposed to ‘repetitive hand or arm movements’ (n = 10,875) 1.54 (1.42–1.67)* 1.30 (1.19–1.42)*
High exposure to both ‘fatigue-inducing or painful postur’e and ‘repetitive hand or arm movements’ (n = 10,532) 3.55 (3.31–3.81)* 2.39 (2.19–2.60)*
  1. Abbreviations: LBP lower back pain
  2. Data presented as odds ratios and 95% confidence intervals
  3. aAdjusted for sex, age, occupational type, employment status, working hours, shift work, number of employees, education, income, rest during work time, vibration exposure, ‘lifting or moving people’, ‘dragging, pushing or moving heavy objects’, ‘standing posture’
  4. *p-value < 0.001