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Table 2 Differential diagnosis of decompression illness

From: Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine as a Branch of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

System Conditions that can mimic decompression illness
Otorhinolaryngology Inner-ear barotrauma
  Middle ear or sinus barotrauma with cranial nerve compression
Neurology Acute coincidental neurological disorder (stroke, seizure, subarachnoid hemorrhage)
Guillain-Barre syndrome
Multiple sclerosis
Hematology Porphyria
Pulmonalogy Immersion pulmonary edema
Psychology Acute psychosis
Other Contaminated diving gas and oxygen toxic effects
Musculoskeletal Strains or trauma sustained before, during, or after diving
Near drowning and hypoxic brain injury
  Seafood toxin poisoning
   Puffer fish
  Paralytic shellfish