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Table 3 Health care system in social security of Korea and Japan

From: Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders in Korea and Japan: A Comparative Description

  Korea Japan
Expenditures on health by type of funding (%)   
GG/SS/POP/PI 11/46/37/6 9/73/15/2
Share of hospital inpatient expenditures for MSD (%) 9 6
Health care system   
Out-of-pocket healthcare expenditures as a share of total household consumption (%) 4.6 2.2
Sickness leave No 66.7% of average daily basic wage up to 18 months
Share of WMSD in workers’ compensation (%)   
WMSD/total compensated diseases 71.5 66.6
WMSD/total compensated injury and diseases 5.8 4.3
  1. GS: general governmental, SS: social security, POP: private out-of-pocket, PI: private insurance, MSD: musculoskeletal disorder, WMSD: work-related musculoskeletal disorder.