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Table 4 WMSD prevention policies in Korea and Japan

From: Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders in Korea and Japan: A Comparative Description

  Korea Japan
Evaluation of risk factors Health and Safety act requires the employer to evaluate risk factors for WMSD No obligation
High-risk jobs Eleven kinds of jobs at high risk for WMSD as specified by MOEL No list
WMSD prevention program Employer should put into place a WMSD prevention program according to the enforcement regulations when there is a high risk for WMSD Established regulations for prevention of low back pain, OCD, and vibration disorders
Medical examination Does not exist Recommended
Penalty Violation penalty Does not exist
Other Employer obliged to improve the workplace and make workers aware of the risk Counseling service at the regional occupational health center for WMSD prevention
  1. WMSD: work-related musculoskeletal disorder, OCD: occupational cervicobrachial disease, MOEL: Ministry of Employment and Labor.