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Table 1 The patient’s occupational history

From: Work-related COPD after years of occupational exposure

Job or Worksite Duration (years) Task Possible Exposure Exposure levels in the literature
Wheel manufacturing company 1965–1975 (10) Transported the casting crane to the heating furnace and controlled the temperature of the furnace Bunker-C oil (gas and/or fumes) PAHs 11,056.61 ng/Sm3 [23]
Silica dust (quartz) Personal sampling 4.4 μg/m3 Area sampling 14.9–27.3 μg/m3 [18]
Boiler installation 1976-2002 (25) Installing boilers in homes None specified  
Construction field     
Manual labor on a construction site Silica dust (quartz) 0.10 mg/m3 [26]
Apartment complex janitor 2003-2013 (10) Gardening and janitorial duties including the night shift None specified