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Table 4 Ranking of the top 10 journals in which pharmaceutical wastewater related articles were published

From: Contribution of Arab countries to pharmaceutical wastewater literature: a bibliometric and comparative analysis of research output

SCRa Journal Frequency IF (2014)*
1st Journal of Hazardous Materials 5(2.8) 4.529
2nd Journal of Chromatography A 4(2.2) 4.169
2nd Science of the Total Environment 4(2.2) 4.099
2nd Water Research 4(2.2) 5.528
5th Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 3(1.7) 3.436
5th Chemosphere 3(1.7) 3.34
5th Environmental Science and Pollution Research 3(1.7) 2.828
5th World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology 3(1.7) 1.779
9th Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 2(1.1) NA
9th African Journal of Biotechnology 2(1.1) NA
9th International Arabic Journal of Antimicrobial Agents 2(1.1) NA
9th Biological Rhythm Research 2(1.1) 0.919
9th Chemical Engineering Journal 2(1.1) 4.321
9th Journal of Applied Microbiology 2(1.1) 2.479
9th Energy Procedia 2(1.1) NA
9th Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering 2(1.1) NA
9th Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine 2(1.1) 1.062
9th Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 2(1.1) 5.33
9th Journal of Materials and Environmental Science 2(1.1) NA
9th Talanta 2(1.1) 3.545
9th Water Air and Soil Pollution 2(1.1) 1.554
9th Water Science and Technology 2(1.1) 1.106
  1. Abbreviations: SCR Standard Competition Ranking, NA not available, IF impact factor
  2. aEqual journals have the same ranking number, and then a gap is left in the ranking numbers
  3. *The impact factor was reported according to journal citation reports (JCR) 2014