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Table 6 Ranking of the top 10 most highly productive institutions in the field of pharmaceutical wastewater research during the period of the study

From: Contribution of Arab countries to pharmaceutical wastewater literature: a bibliometric and comparative analysis of research output

SCRa Name of the Institution Country No. of documents (%)
1st King Saud University KSA 13(7.3)
2nd National Research Centre Egypt 10(5.6)
3rd King Abdulaziz University KSA 9(5.0)
4th CSIC - Instituto de Diagnostico Ambiental y Estudios del Agua IDAEA Spain 7(3.9)
5th Universitat de Girona Spain 6(3.4)
5th Suez Canal University Egypt 6(3.4)
5th Faculte des Sciences Semlalia Morocco 6(3.4)
5th University of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumediene Algeria 6(3.4)
5th Sultan Qaboos University Oman 6(3.4)
10th Ain Shams University Egypt 5(2.8)
10th King Abdullah University of Science and Technology KSA 5(2.8)
  1. Abbreviations: SCR Standard Competition Ranking, KSA Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  2. aEqual institutions have the same ranking number, and then a gap is left in the ranking numbers