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Table 6 Top ten cited articles on water-related diseases (1980–2015) [6, 7, 9, 2127]

From: Drinking and recreational water-related diseases: a bibliometric analysis (1980–2015)

Rank Authors Title Year Source title Number of citations
1st Smith et al [26] Contamination of drinking-water by arsenic in Bangladesh: A public health emergency 2000 Bulletin of the World Health Organization 919
2nd Smith et al [25] Marked increase in bladder and lung cancer mortality in a region of northern Chile due to arsenic in drinking water 1998 American Journal of Epidemiology 495
3rd Curriero et al [22] The association between extreme precipitation and waterborne disease outbreaks in the United States, 1948–1994 2001 American Journal of Public Health 425
4th Martyn et al [23] Geographical relation between Alzheimer’s disease and aluminium in drinking water 1989 Lancet 403
5th Bowie et al [9] Outbreak of toxoplasmosis associated with municipal drinking water 1997 Lancet 366
6th Cabelli et al [21] Swimming-associated gastroenteritis and water quality 1982 American Journal of Epidemiology 279
7th Morales et al [6] Risk of internal cancers from arsenic in drinking water 2000 Environmental Health Perspectives 278
8th Prüss [24] Review of epidemiological studies on health effects from exposure to recreational water 1998 International Journal of Epidemiology 275
9th Ward et al [27] Workgroup report: Drinking-water nitrate and health - Recent findings and research needs 2005 Environmental Health Perspectives 268
10th Waller et al [7] Trihalomethanes in drinking water and spontaneous abortion 1998 Epidemiology 267