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Table 4 Adjusted geometric means for each province

From: Urinary arsenic species concentration in residents living near abandoned metal mines in South Korea

  Adjusted GM(95% CI), μg/L p-value
Total Gangwon/Kyounggi/Inchon Daegu/Gyeongbuk Busan/Ulsan/Gyeongnam Jeonnam/Jeonbuk Chungnam/Chungbuk
oAs DMA 92.04(63.09–134.28) 108.01(62.46–186.77) 106.67(54.03–210.59) 86.67(48.54–154.76) 98.25(64.67–149.28) 58.02(33.86–99.43) 0.161
MMA 4.35(1.36–13.93) 1.22(0.48-3.11)a 0.45(0.14–1.44)ac 0.84(0.31–2.24)ac 32.80(16.08–66.89)b 0.24(0.09–0.59)c <0.001
Subtotal 106.62(74.49–152.62) 113.69(68.39–189.02)a 112.00(59.57–210.56)a 90.88(53.06–155.66)a 124.11(84.17–182.98)a 61.56(37.34–101.48)a 0.040
iAs As3+ 0.84(0.23–3.04) 0.14(0.04–0.46)a 0.13(0.03–0.56)a 0.07(0.02–0.23)a 6.18(2.50–15.32)b 0.06(0.02–0.20)a <0.001
As5+ 0.83(0.24–2.87) 0.12(0.04–0.34)a 0.10(0.03–0.36)a 0.10(0.03–0.28)a 6.55(3.03–14.17)b 0.05(0.02–0.15)a <0.001
Subtotal 1.84(0.53–6.43) 0.30(0.11–0.76)a 0.24(0.07–0.77)a 0.15(0.06–0.41)a 15.48(7.51–31.91)b 0.11(0.04–0.27)a <0.001
uAs 115.84(80.17–167.38) 116.59(70.11–193.87)ac 113.73(60.47–213.88)ac 91.91(53.64–157.46)ac 144.03(97.67–212.39)b 61.38(37.22–101.21)c 0.008
  1. Adjusted: gender, age, period of residency, smoking, alcohol, house income, history of working in mines, dietary water, and herbicide
  2. abc: according to regional differences, Scheffe’s post hoc grouping; the same letters are not significantly different
  3. oAs organic arsenic, iAs inorganic arsenic, uAs urinary arsenic (summation of As3+, As5+, MMA, and DMA)