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Table 7 Comparison of the recognition criteria of Korea, the U.K., the U.S., and France

From: Radiation-related occupational cancer and its recognition criteria in South Korea

Criteria items



U.S. a


Eligible cancer sites

Liver (without cirrhosis or hepatitis virus), Thyroid, Ovary, Brain, Multiple myeloma, Colon, Bladder, Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, Esophagus, Kidney, Female breast, Stomach, Pancreas, Salivary gland, Lung, Skin, Leukemia (except CLL)

Bladder, Bone, Brain and central nervous system, Female breast, Colon, Leukemia (except CLL) , Liver, Esophagus, Respiratory/Lung, Prostate, Ovary, Skin (non-melanoma), Uterus, Thyroid, Other tissues

Leukemia with or without CLL, Lymphomas (except Hodgkin lymphomas), Multiple myeloma, Thyroid, Breast, Ovary, Stomach, Lung, Colon, Liver, Bladder, Esophagus, Pancreas, Bone, Salivary gland, Kidney, Brain and central nervous system, Pharynx, Small intestine, Biliary tract and gall bladder, Skin, Rectum, Larynx, Prostate, Pharynx

Leukemia, Primary lung (due to inhalation), Bone sarcoma

Exposure period



Employed at least 1 year -Uranium miner: >40 months


Latency period (since first exposure)

Cancer (except leukemia): 5 years Leukemia (except CLL): 2 years


Leukemia (except CLL): 2 years Others: 5 years


Occurrence period (after exposure)

Within 20 years


Bone cancer: within 30 years Leukemia: any time Others: >5 years

Leukemia and lung cancer: within 30 years Bone sarcoma: within 50 years

PC (Probability of causation) or degree of disability

Cancer (except leukemia): >50% Leukemia (except CLL): >33%

>20% (Compensated at different rates according to the PC and >50% for full compensation)

>50% (upper 99% confidence level)

Degree of disability: >25%


Notification (No. 2014-78) of the NSSC

Occupational safety and health series 73 [41], Compensation scheme for radiation-linked diseases [75]

Occupational safety and health series 73 [41], Energy employees occupational illness compensation program [76], electronic code of federal regulations [77], radiation exposure compensation Act [78],

Occupational safety and health series 73 [41]

  1. a Eligible cancer sites differ across occupations; exposure period applies only to uranium workers, including uranium miners, millers, ore transporters, and non-military participants in atomic weapons testing; latency period applies only to energy employees employed at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and other specified contractor facilities; occurrence period only applies to soldiers
  2. CLL, chronic lymphocytic leukemia; NSSC, Nuclear Safety and Security Commission