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Table 2 Carcinogenicity of PAHs

From: The standards for recognition of occupational cancers related with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Korea

  Classification Target organ
 Coal gasification Group 1 Lung
 Coke production Group 1 Lung
 Coal tar distillation Group 1 Skin (except melanoma)
 Chimney sweep Group 1 Lung, skin (except melanoma)
 Paving and roofing with coal tar pitch Group 1 Lung, skin (except melanoma)
  Group 2A Bladder
 Aluminum production Group 1 Lung, bladder
 Creosote Group 2A Lung, skin (except melanoma)
 Carbon electrode manufacture Group 2A Bladder
 Coal tars and coal tar pitches Group K  
 Coke oven emissions Group K  
 Coal tar pitch volatiles Group A  
  1. IARC International Agency for Research on Cancer, NTP National Toxicology Program, EPA Environmental Protection Agency, Group 1 Carcinogenic to humans, Group 2A Probably carcinogenic to humans, Group K Known to human carcinogens, Group A human carcinogen