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Table 5 Odds ratios for Depressive symptom according to number of high risk of Emotional labor-related factors and Workplace violence-related factors

From: Emotional labor, workplace violence, and depressive symptoms in female Bank employees: a questionnaire survey using the K-ELS and K-WVS

Variable Crude OR (95% CI) Adjusted OR* (95% CI)
Number of High risk of Emotional Labor None   
1 or above 3.16 (1.16–8.63)† 2.59 (0.90–7.47)†
Number of High risk of Workplace violence None   
1 or above 4.03 (1.48–10.98)† 3.14 (1.11–8.86)†
  1. *Adusted for Age, Obesity, Education, Exercise, Drinking, Work hour sufficiency, Employment Status
  2. †p < 0.05