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Table 3 Factor analysis of the 10-item K-CD-RISC

From: Psychometric properties of the 10-item Conner-Davidson resilience scale on toxic chemical-exposed workers in South Korea

Item Description Factor loading
Item 1 Able to adapt to adapt to change 0.779
Item 2 Can deal with whatever comes 0.829
Item 3 Tries to see humorous side of problems 0.785
Item 4 Coping with stress can strengthen me 0.809
Item 5 Tend to bounce back after illness of hardship 0.847
Item 6 Can achieve goals despite obstacles 0.869
Item 7 Can stay focused under pressure 0.823
Item 8 Not easily discouraged by failure 0.850
Item 9 Thinks of self as strong person 0.886
Item 10 Can handle unpleasant feeling 0.825
Eigenvalue   6.90
Percentage of variance explained 69.43