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Table 3 Definition of work involving asbestos exposure in the standards for industrial accident compensation

From: Review of carcinogenicity of asbestos and proposal of approval standards of an occupational cancer caused by asbestos in Korea

(1) Extraction, taking out or crushing of asbestos-containing ores or rocks or other asbestos refining-related work in an asbestos mine or its attached facilities

(2) Containing or transporting of the asbestos material in a warehouse

(3) Asbestos product manufacturing

(4) Asbestos spray

(5) Covering for insulation or heat insulation using a heat-resistant asbestos product or its repair

(6) Asbestos product processing, such as cutting

(7) Repair or demolition of a building or its attached facilities in which an asbestos product is used as a clothing material or construction material

(8) Repair or demolition of a ship or car in which an asbestos product was used

(9) Handling of a mineral (such as talc) containing asbestos as an impurity

  1. In addition, work involving asbestos dust exposure at a level equivalent to or higher than the above types of work or indirect exposure around the above types of work is also applicable